Clan Woolfe Belties




Spring at Claretown 2014 Hairy Wee Belted Cows

Showing the Belties.

Breaking in some heifers Jan 2015

During  the 2014/15 summer holidays here in South Eastern Australian I spent a fantastic week breaking in some of my Belted Galloway heifers ready for sale or show.

The pictures above show some of the progression of the process and how boisterious teenage heifers through developing trust, earning respect of each other using a firm but fair hand and following a process involving various techniques they become a joy to work with and a pleasure to have around the farm.  

If you would like to know more give me a call or drop me an email.

Cameron Woolfe

Clan Woolfe Belties

Although cows are the core of any cattle stud its the bulls that can have a great effect across herd and pass on many traights such as temperement and beef quality.

Below are some of the bulls I have have produced or used in herd over the years. Most of these have been short of stature however carry a great amount of muscle and excellent quality carcase traits.  

Docility is a must have for me in my bulls as even the miniatures could pack a whollop if they so chose to.

Belted Galloway Bulls